A High-Gravity O’Doul’s, Day 178 Chugging The Lug in The Beers of Fun.

1. Okay, Guess I Have to Throw Rocks at Paula Deen’s Head. –A Sociopath.

2. End at Least Three Sentences Today by Pausing for an Uncomfortable Period of Time and Then Saying, “…Yet.”

3. Not in MY Crappy First Sci-Fi Novel: *
Time Travel.
A Pill That Erases Memories.
Sexy Aliens.
Laser-Proof Vests.
JarJar Binks or Children.
Anyone Named Adam or Eve.
Names With Symbols or Names With No Vowels.
A Deus Ex Machine.
Villains With Accents.
Saving the World.
Unresolvable Paradoxes.
Evil Twins or Innocent Naifs.
Sashes or Pirate Iconography.
Some Bullshit Made-Up Language or Government Model.
Alien Sidekicks, Pets or Low-Level Henchmen.
Complete Breaks With Physics, Math, or Any of The Soft Sciences.
More Than 78 Plots.



About gebryan

Writer of pointless reviews, pointless-er comedy, lover of zombies, board games, already excited about upcoming life-changing heart attack.

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