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Day ’89 Luftballoons, Das Jahr der Fun

Day ’89 Luftballoons, Das Jahr der Fun:

1. Plastic Hanger Mobile Art Project Day. (Laundry)

2. #createnewhashtagmeme.

3. Ride The Vomit Comet to The Full Pink Moon.

Nostalgia Today:
All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

Somebody set us up the bomb.


Day ‘Ate Ate Eight, The Year of Fun

Day ‘Ate Ate Eight, The Year of Fun:

1. Gamify Your Instincts.

2. Gasify Your Intestines.

3. Gayify Your Interests.

Pop Culture Today: Facebook and every single blog on the Internet is about to explode in stupid six-second videos.
The new update to Vine out today adds posting to Facebook and the web.